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Remember me?

The anticipation of seeing your face is exciting yet fearful.
Years barely held together by letters and silent phone calls
My imagination has taken me beyond this cruel world
Playing tricks with my mind and my heart
I'm trying to keep that face that stole my heart with the passing years
With only your voice to lead me

Sharing life with you in my dreams
Dreams that touch my soul and made me feel the emptiness of not having you with me
Dreams that have brought me through cold lonely nights and endless days that have tested my inner strength
Dreams that have sung and cried me to sleep night after night


I'm hoping you run to me like a Mississippi kid running to the wide arms of a magnolia tree in the summer time to find comfort from the sizzling July sun
I'm hoping we cry tears of happiness and relief. Knowing everything is o.k. and our love is indestructible.

I only fear the thought of you not remembering me --- Your daddy

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Remember me?