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 DAYS  OF  SUMMER (Free Verse)


~Days Of Summer~
(Free Verse)

I can say one of my favorite spots it's always my studio
It's my hallmark and all my private domain, where
I can write and Paint, read and think or just being  me
I just love it there, where sometimes I can also watch my t.v.

I can also have some peace and quiet when I am all by myself
But there are those very hot days during summer when I get
In the mood, so we I go for a long ride outside the city limits
To catch some of the most beautiful rural scenes and views

Far way from the crows, pollution and all the city noises
There are days during summer when the heat soars so high and
It's so bad I  feel I'm  about to burst, so I turn  my a.c. all
The way I can, and each and all the fans in my house to the

Coolest temperatures that can me provide and bring me relief
But with all my bad luck I stride, on more than I bargain for
Because when I open my electricity bill and the amount I see
Everything goes for me sky rocket.What's this? this's insane
I feel I am about to combust with all this darn pressure, stress

My eyes are so blurred and only fixed on that spot of my bill
That states "You need to pay five hundred and sixty five cents"
I've spent here a decade,and nothing will make sway to live
Some place else.How can I explain it to you?that this's my home.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


Authors notes:

Not true at all, just a fictional write done for a word challenge in another poetry site.lol...

Ten words challenge poem

And the bonus word is: leopard

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