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Tomorrow Will Come Soon

Wings made of black lace and silk.
Barefoot splashed in the filth-
Of a puddle created by tears.
Scattered through the garden's abundance-
Of dead lilies and morning glories.
Book shelves that held stories-
Of the lives of all who failed-
To love and live happily ever after.
Chapter after chapter- that brought chills.
Spooky fills...
Into the soul.
Exposing thee unaccomplished goal.
Sat on a rather large stone-
Grown old- with all the moths-
The cost-
Of each mistake made.
Each action and move printed on each page.
So my book could be added to the mass of lives-
That brought the strife -into this world.
Forgive me for each rose that lacked to live-
I did not give- all my love.
Forgive me for each extinct star-
The galaxy is too far- in the sky-
For me to try- and replace the shine.
One day I'll find -
A way to repay you for making me smile.
Only for a while- is there no absence among the moon.
Tomorrow will come soon...

~DaYnA e. 7/3/03

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Tomorrow Will Come Soon