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 MILLION  DOLLAR  BABY  (Free  Verse )

~Million  Dollar  Baby ~
( Free Verse )

She was a million dollar Baby
from the 5 and 10 cent store
Poor rich little girl
Believin' for love she needed to pay everything

She was a million dollar Baby
With lots of money to throw away
Since she was just a little child
Only sorry for herself inside she felt

She was a million dollar Baby
Love and happiness money brought you none
But grief, sorrow, and the greatest pain
Poor little girl drownin'in dispair

She was a million dollar Baby
Drinkin' up from the best champagnes
Chain smoking non-stop sniffin' some white dust
Sharing a radiant smile but broken all inside

She was a million dollar Baby
Growing up believing just to please
Everybody's approval too much you craved
You gave money to make you feel wanted and loved

She was a million dollar Baby
Dressin' up in glamorous and chic party gowns
More than ready to face another day
While wearing a mask to hide the true herself

She was a million dollar Baby
From an era long, long ago
Wearing her best and secretive smile and
To  many wrong things she seemed to be attracted to...

And this folks happens to be a true story
About a sad and rich little girl
In her life she made a lot of bad choices
After all she thought it was ONLY and simply,money

Waiting and wishing for a much deserved it break
In the end she'd sown only and more heartbreak
Bedridden lonely and frail her last days she spent
She was a million dollar Baby from an era long ago!!!

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000

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