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 THE  FAIR (Free Style)

~The Fair~
(Free Style)

What a happy place it's the fair!
With so much to do the place is great
So much fun,so many games and joy abound to share
Kids hop and run 'round in the great square
And what a big smile for they to wear
-As they dissappear under a magical spell here and there
With me to toggle along everywhere I don't know where.
As they're getting me off and often my chair
All the time, and I am getting so tired  I swear
But they can't for more than a minute or two tear
Their big eyes round as plates off the food and all the funware
And they eat and munch non-stop and crave for more clairs
Ice cream cones,(all kind of)pops,balloons and stuffed-bears
That in their little mind and heart they did pray
To play to win in one of those games of dare
But they're worry to get instead a silly mare
Or to make it even worse a scary clown or hare
For them that would be an ERR!
And completely so unfair!
After such long affair to make it here
Now to the end right and square.
Since for Pierre and Claire
That would spoil a little bit their fanfair
Wow they just wanted it so bad a couple of stuffed-bears
Big,cute and so cuddly with lots and lots of mohair
But just in case they can't win a pair
They had a plan that they won't dispair
Since they've already promise honestly, one to share
Because as twins they're so aware
Being twins brother and sis it isn't that rare
But the most important thing it is always to share
And that's what makes them such awesome and wonderful  pair!

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