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Living Kaleidoscope

Ears marked with caution tape-
Let's escape with humor and lack of visual eyes.
Let's try and hide from her effort to breathe words
of her selfish life.
Mold a mute voice-box and shape invisible sign-language.
I do not care to know her loss and anguish.
Throw some ink in her hand-
Maybe she'll make a fan or two with her priceless poems
and jotted groans.
Such a depressed soul, will she ever find the glamour side?

Do you care to know?
I already soak the unquenched shine-
that the sun spills in my unobserved sky.
The rays that make my heart motivate.
I contain color that is shielded by all who hate-
To attend my speech or say.
Inside are not a thousand shades of gray.

~DaYnA e. 7/13/03

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Living Kaleidoscope