Just Words


Flying, soaring,
while touching the ground.

Lovemaking, face changing,
all without a sound.

And all of the while that I'm with mine,
this intervention is divine.

My heart sings to your melody,
without words I hear what your telling me.
dont go,
embark with me into a lifetime of forevers.
Forever I love you,
forever I need you,
and Forever I'll be there.
Forever my love, Forever my wife,
even with gray hairs.
And over the years,
as I conquer your fears,
I promise to bring better days.
Sunshine at night time,
or even spring in the winter.
No matter the season, whatever the reason,
to betray your love would surely be treason.

Your the Queen of my heart,
my love, my life.
Your everything I ever wanted,
and one day my wife.

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