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white gown

White gown drape thee,
With the golden dipped daisies.
Violins crafted with fine
Glee of the guest whom dine.
Black layer the man strong
'Till the life that reacheth dawn
Vow to speaketh break liberty
To unite forever- find no pity
A seed to dismiss thy pair
Breath to share and family to bare.
Thou find shame under thy veil,
She hiddenly weep and privately wail.
Remain I rather, my heart lo!
Amongst the solitary in Eden I'd grow.
Darksome in thy fear
Why thou stole thy cheer?
Why wouldst thou worry?
Thou kiss the lips of whom she marry.
A wonder splash thy mind
To timid to shine
Why I dread thee?
Why I fear thee?
Perhaps the worthy 'nor escape
A mystery upon thy mistake.

~DaYnA e. 7/21/03

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white gown