Just Words

These three Words

Three words for you,
is all that I have.
All that makes me,
all that breaks me,
and cuts me in half.
All that I need,
all that I crave.
Everything that sustains me
  from day to day.
From the center of my heart,
to the depths of my soul.
This feeling for you
has patched an empty hole.

An although I see you blushing,
and this smile is on your face.
There is a very important announcement
 that I feel that I must make.
Because my second word is hate,
and not love you stupid #itch.
Now don't you just love
 how I've added such a twist.
Because what I really love is
 how your face has just switched.

So happy, and proud as you
 always seem to be.
An what an announcement to have made,
 after you said that you love me.

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These three Words

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