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My Best Friend

My knowledge of self,
is my knowledge of me.
All that makes me ,
all that breaks me,
and I aspire to be.
Because from within,
all things begin as well as they end.
I've spent half my life hoping you'd be found,
only to find my best friend is within.

Without you I wonder what would I of been.
Lost,and mislead with a life full of sin??
Your my best friend!!
Your my mother, my father,
my wife, and my brother.
With you by my side,
I don't need another!!
So many years have been wasted,
but you stayed by my side.
You've strengthened my heart,
and protected my pride.
I wish I'd of noticed that you've
 been here from the start.
But now that I've found you,
and I know our loves real.
I swear to be true,
and be there for you.

Always and forever till death
 do us part.
I'll always do my part
 to keep us alive.
Make sure that we have
 what we need to survive.
In this world that gets crazy
 with people losing their minds.
Succumbing to lust,
forgetting about aids,
and how protection is a must.
Your the only one I trust,
and I swear to be true.
I got you self,
and you got me too.

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My Best Friend

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