Just Words

Are we fu$#in?

Hold me,
mold me.
Shape me in the image of what you want me to be,
we aint just fu$#in,
we're planting the roots of our family tree.
A strong foundation is all that we need,
I promise to be there,
are you down for me??

Sweeter words I have never heard,
than I'll ride for you, thats what you deserve.
Never knowing the outcome of the roads that we take,
and every decision is life threatening,
will we make or we break.
But life is about living, and the choices there are,
I'm offering you forever, not just a ride in my car.
But I see thats not enough,
or your mind just aint ready,
or your listening to your friends about what you should be getting.
But put them all aside,
and focus now on us.
Now put your hand in mine
 because the first step is trust.
I told you we ain't fu$#in,
because that would just be lust.
This is true love making,
can't you feel what I'm sayin??

But I see that my words have fallen on deaf ears,
so between you and I there is no love here.
There is only the sweat, and the moans that we make.
But even those are now questioned,
were they real or they fake??
So do me one thing, if you truly do care.
Pack up all your sh!t,
and get the fu$# outta here

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Are we fu$#in?

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