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further adventures of the blame mascot
prey, pray what have you
acthung, don't have any more cheeks to turn so watch that tongue of yours or i will focus on your faults for abit
hope you choke on that silver spoon
think you point so much to excuse your manhood
let me think about these notions
you plea to a ghost and bow to minerals
worship the flag but only when under attack and swallow all they sugar code for you
tisk tisk
never direct your isolations on me
tell the lambs id rather tell tales then pray to dead rituals
sky scrappers are just tributes to manhood
Christianity can be easily excused as schizophrenia
chemicals wouldn't be so imbalanced if Jesus did his job for once
yell too much
i wish to find a sequence of rituals that doesn't leave guilt nor struggle
if life sucks we die and all that shlte ,why cant Christmas be everyday and we will have one day of being shltty too each other and we will call it the bizzaro Christmas, but this one will actually make sense and have purpose besides selling overpriced merchandise
and wont be just to forget the year is over and you have a few regrets
wish it wasn't so easy to worry
smiles are like wall paper these days
i found my tongue in handcuffs again
slipped through the cracks and broke my self open ,the stitches were paid for by welfare so they rip open every time i stare or sigh, guess its time i prey too
i found i am less then ordinary but too close for comfort
box cars
racecar backwards is still  racecar the same is your cult like religion no matter how you explain it
so do me a favor and explain it in sign language so i can poke myself in the eyes and ignore you for few moments more
get some peace and rest and maybe really find out what jesus had in mind

chaz love

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