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Cupid's Gift

In the flight of thy sweetest angel heart,
the sky is filled with gossamer and love
On thy wings, Cupid, gift sent from above
thy all adoring angel's pure love dart
The gift,with hope, that fate should never part
Serenely filled with the splendor there of
and gentle purity of a sweet dove
Such gentle wonder in this perfect art
From heaven, that is thy true love abode,
see fit to send upon my heart thy grace
with impassioned touch a vision grand
and passionate voice to sing a love ode
Complete this package with swiftness of pace
to bestow the gift of love at my hand

This is my first attempt at a traditional Italian style sonnet. (As opposed to the English Shakespearean Sonnet) Notice the unique rhyme scheme which makes this very difficult.

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Cupid`s Gift

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