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Wishing Well In The Secret Garden

She's trembling daunted in this too familiar place.
The race between her heart and his is softer.
Compassion now settles ceaseless perhaps.
The claps of the penny in her palm sweats-
Toes that drag her to the worn wishing well…
May the swelling of the mind be still.
Aloft the water of tear drops –
The Lillie pads drift poise but ash and old.
Too cold and antique to grow green and glow.
Time too fast, yet time to slow.
Wish to show the unlinked, unsolved heartaches.
Forgiven hates and available love.
The options wide yet slim...
She chose to be with him.
Drops the coin amongst this reoccurring hour,
Picks a flower and tweaks its peddles…
Unsettled with the futuristic thought;
He loves me? He loves me not?

~DaYnA e. 8/16/03

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Wishing Well In The Secret Garden