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Priestly intercession is an anomaly to Islam.
We seek not atonement through the auspices of man.
We are a peace loving people ... not fools!
We adhere steadfastly to Allah's rules.
The "U. S. Of A" is corrupt and rotten to
it's very core. And be sure ... it is
Thee Premier Modern Day Version Of Sodom and Gomorrah.
It is "THE CITADEL OF SIN " on this earth today.
Their religion is amusement ,sports and play.
With a roll of the dice ... they have given
up all hope of attaining The future paradise.
Their souls have no worth ...
They foolishly seek their heaven right here ...
Right now ... on this earth.
Those who seek THE GARDEN, Jinnatul Firdous ...
Know that one day they will have to
" CUT THIS DUNYA LOOSE." Obsessed by worldly greed,
the unrighteous never feel the need...
To heed the call to correct their ways.
Five times a day they HEAR the athan then
DISOBEY the call to pray.
Too dedicated to the Taughoot ... obsessed with
making loot...They rob and kill and shoot
to aquire the objects they desire...
Objects that only beckon them to the fire.
Abstain completely from intoxicants.
Never ever imbibe beer or wine.
Stay far far away from fornication because
it is a crime.So my people, follow The
Master's Plan (ALLAH) by emulating...
The character of THE MAN (Rasullulah SAWS)...
By abstaining from foul speech that is both
vulgar and vain ...Read, Study, Recite and
proclaim ... In Allah's name!

Abu Lateef

Copyright ©2003

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