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To Allah is our return.
When Allah initiates the Begining
Of our End ... escape nor refuge
Will be found with a friend.
The day Israfil is given the command
To blow Al-fasiqeen will know that true
Is the "Promised Event" and for
Them, it is too late to repent.
Malak al Maut will carry out the mission as
Assigned. In a state of chaotic distraction
The condemned will wail and wine, Pleeeese Allah,
Don't punish us for our crimes!
With a strong grip and firm hold, Izra'il
Will snatch out their souls. NOW, they want to pray.
NOW, they swear to obey. But, before this
They were obsessed with play.
Not listening to the Prophets of old,
Not doing as they were told. Now, their foul
Smelling souls will be flung into a fiery hole ...
From which nothing ever escapes.
Eyes bulging, profusely sweating and
Mouthes agape. Soon, to fall into a swoon as
They greet "The Nineteen" who gaurd
The Fire's gate.
Feel the grip of Malik ... the one unrelentingly
Severe and stern. He will administer
Punishment upon punishment
As you burn.

Live by The Qur'an, read it and
Learn! Correct your lifestyle before it
Becomes too late ... Meditate and contemplate
The Majesty of your Lord.

Defend your Religion
With your tongue
And if need be
Your Sword.

Abu Lateef


1.Izra'il: Name of the Arch-angel of death.
2. Malik: Name of Arch-angel that rules Hell.

Copyright ©2003 Habib Khalil Abd Al Haqq

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