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A Kiss locked In the Chain of Distance

I don't even know what to write… everybody talks about how they can't begin to write what they feel. It's true – so like poetry helps? It doesn't. And even if I could write what I feel, it doesn't change the situation or anything. Distance has always been a hell, but nevertheless at least hell is distant… I think. Anyway, let me quit complaining and get on with another lovey-dovey poem…

A Kiss locked In the Chain of Distance

How disheartening and gloomy
Having to strain for your hands clasping entwine.
Excuse, spare and accept my warmest apology,
Of the powerless, incapacitated distant-me.

Your value is superior to and exceeding-
The stars that swirl and sparkle the worth amongst space.

I aspire every twinkling moment to be within your embrace…
And yours alone.

My personal destiny and desire-
To no longer have to be abashed and petrified-
When being forced to slowly desert you…
And slip from the security I find in your arms.

So hesitant and chancy to take matters
Exceedingly deep and serious.
For we are so juvenile and free.

But repeatedly I dream of breaking -
All distance between the everlasting moment-
When our smiles touch, all doubt disintegrates,
And the miles dismiss all love that once bound.

~DaYnA e. 8/22/03

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A Kiss locked In the Chain of Distance