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A greeting for those who dwell a far far
Distance from hell. Here, there is no heartache,
Sadness or gloom, Just the salutation
"As Salaamu Alaykum!"

Sitting in the shade on sofas of thick green
Brocade, served on ... hand and foot. This is
The reward for Those who spent their previous
Lives doing what Allah ordained as good.

Delights beyond what the eye has seen
Or the mind can imagine, living in an abode of
Comfort and joined with righteous companions.

A Place where in there is no strife, just joy,
Just glee, just life ...
Life without an ending.

Inhabiting mansions and palaces with large
Rooms, No heartache, No sadness, no gloom,
Just the salutation, "As Salaamu Alaykum!"

No punishment, chains or fetters, just love and what could
Be better than this place where in the blessed ones
Reside, with righteous family and friends by their side.

The weak, the poor, the oppressed have become the victors
In the end because they were steadfast to "The Book"
While abstaining from the major Sin (Shirk).

Good cheer and good speech is what will reach these friends
As they dine and recline while eating fruit from the Vine. A benevolent
Reward from HE (Allah) ... The Creator Of all we see.

Holding jeweled goblets crafted from gold, drinking from
Flowing rivers of cold, pure, milk, while attired in
Garments of silk.

Living in the lap of luxury in a state beyond earthly
Wealth, not in need of money. Living in a world that has
Rivers flowing with honey.

In a state of Ecstasy the righteous dwell, a far far
Remote distance from hell. No heartache, no sadness,
No gloom ... just the salutation , "As Salaamu Alaykum!"

Abu Lateef

Copyright ©2003

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