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Thunder will rumble ... mountains
Will crumble,
breast feeding mothers
Will quit.
Small children's hair will turn
Gray as the sky splits.
The bubbling bloody red ocean
over flowing in a violent commotion.
At high tide all life in it dies.
All over the earth will remain
Only terror ... loud frightening cries
Tear filled eyes ...
All just waiting to die.
The Seven Seas will become dry,
Causing sea life to die.
Swarms of insects will fly
And feast upon the putrefied flesh
Of the deceased.
Maggots and worms multiply
Then squirm filling the space that was
Once known as the sea.
Crawling ashore carpeting the Earth
Like a rug never before this to have been seen.
The ozone layer has been laid bare,
Because no one cared.
The Earth's temperature warms from a
Fiery storm causing grass and
Trees to combust,
Volcanoes to erupt aloud,
Mountains to collide, turn to
Dust then vanish away like clouds.
In the middle of the morning's bright
Day light, there will appear a
Spectacular sight ... a triple eclipse
Of the Sun and Moon.
Causing all witnesses to swoon,
Because it will appear to be
Midnight when in reality
It is only high noon.
Righteous knowledge will have lost it way.
Ignorance, immorality and social
Decay will rule the day.
Man will lay with man.
Woman will lay with woman.
Man will have sex with his daughter ...
Priestly pedophiles will lay with young
Boys issuing in "The new World Order."
Then out of the haze and fog will
Appear Gog and Magog.
The Sun will cease to rise in the East.
As these beasts are released,
They will blood suck and feast,
Upon the weak ... as the sun
Rises from the West.
And finally ... at last ...Israfil
Sounds the Trumpet's Blast!

Abu Lateef

Copyright ©2003

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