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Upon the trumpets first blast,
All life as we know it will cease to last.
The once peaceful orderly universe will be
Destroyed. The place where the planets and stars
Once dwelled will become a desolate void.
Inconceivable to the ungodly peoples minds, it will
Surely occur when Israfil sounds his trumpet for the
First time. Then, same Angel same Trumpet same sound
But replacing destruction And annihilation there will
Be restored life and population.
This is Yaumul Qiyamah! This indeed will abound,
As he blows the trumpet for the second time
Around. This life is totally different from the
Prior. The righteous Will be rewarded with all
They desire.
This is Yaumul Qiyamah! Their faces will be bright
Showing such a glow and their hearts will be filled
With glee. But, for those who were too arrogant
To surrender and bend a knee, they will be in a fearful
State of regret and full of anxiety.
Their hearts in fear, eyes downward cast, destined for
"The Extreme Penalty," that will forever last.
May the Most Merciful of those who show Mercy guide us
to His path so we can have an easy journey across
the Bridge of Siraat becoming the Illiyeen
drinking from the spring of Tasneem
in the Firdous ... Ameen!

Abu Lateef

1.Bridge of Siraat: ... bridge suspended above hells' fire.
2.Illiyeen: Those who have receive their record in their right hands.
3.Tasneem: Spring in the highest level of Heaven.
4.Firdous: Garden in the highest level of Heaven


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