From my mind 
  Derrick David Henderson

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 Special Friend

A friend is something special to have in this life
Whether you've got a partner a husband or a wife
A friend is someone who smiles when they see you
They don't lower their heads and hide
A friend is someone who stands with their arms open wide.
A friend is always there for you
When you are feeling weak and they are feeling strong
A friend will listen and know where you are coming from
They are always there for you a shoulder to lean on.

A friend will take you into their heart and right into their home
Whether you are happy or feeling sad and all alone
A friend will sit you down to dinner or even a biscuit and a cup of tea
You know it is no trouble, its you they like to see
They love your chat and think that you are good company.

What would this life be like if we had no friends
I think that it would be a lonely one with a sad sad end
Now this poem did not take a lot to write and I take a lot of pride
It's the feelings in my heart that I just cant hide
It is an honour to call you special friend and have you by my side.

Derrick David Henderson
23 April 2003

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