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 A  WRETCHED  HEART ( Free Style)


~A Wretched Heart~
(Free Style)

Why do you do this to me and always play with my heart,
While wretched poor me,I always dance to your everlasting tune,
Sometimes, with you, I don't even know when everything stops or starts,
I only know that you're breaking my heart, and pushing me very hard aside,
The way things are going, everything its beginning just to crack and slide,
But what do you expect me then to do? Should I forget it and then just run?
Please, tell me what to do now? Should I throw away also, what's left of my pride
Because for sure I just feel,like all my sorrows weigh in my soul like a ton.

Reflecting on all of this, I just believe, that I've done and completed it my part,
And I ask myself so many times,why and why,when I look at the sun and the moon,
What is it, that after all this time,has made you changed so, and make you the way that you are
I am afraid, that you're making me feel like a fool! So many feelings, so many tears I've cried,
And I feel like I am falling in a deep and very dark hole, and my poor heart, is about to break and collide,
What has really made you act and behave this way that you had for so long and begun,
And I ask myself over the years, why,it seems sometimes, like our love has just died,
Because for sure I just feel it, and like all my sorrows weigh in my soul like a ton.

Why do you insist on bringing us down like this, oh, my poor heart, wants yours, never ever, to depart,
But little by little, I'm afraid,I'm losing all hope and faith,and I'm just here, caught up in all this monsoon,
While I am still holding pieces of my heart together,after been hurt, with your piercing darts,
So many things are so hard to bear,your love is like a ship lost at sea, without any guide,
And situations in life, are just breaking my heart apart, and so many times to me... you've lied,
But somehow, I still believe that there's a tomorrow for us somewhere, and I keep watching the sun,
I just don't want to let go,not like this, even when sometimes I feel like your love is dead inside,
Because for sure I just feel, like all my sorrows weigh in my soul like a ton.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000






Oh my poor love,it's so hurt,it'd rather live than to let it die too soon,
How many nights when I look at the moon, I've wished and cried for your love and got none,
And today right now I don't really know what else to do,I am just watching stars, all strewn,
Because for sure I just feel, like all my sorrows weigh in my soul like a ton.

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