From my mind

The Sally Army Band

Does it make you feel good.    
Does it make you feel grand.
Marching down our street,        
With the salvation army band

Banging on the tambourine.
Belting out the song.
Trying to teach all the rights,
To put right all the wrongs.
Encouraging all the children,
To clap and sing along.

My cup's full of running over.
Come and join us here.
There was nothing to be scared of,
There was nothing for us to fear.
Happy smiling faces
Filled with love and joy.
Lifting up the hearts of every girl and boy.

At the start I did not know the words,
Or the tunes to the songs.
I got mixed up and got them wrong.
By the time that we marched around our estate,
I knew every single one.

All the children marching,
Marching with the band.
Yes they felt good
And yes they felt grand.
It made them feel important,
To march and sing with the sally army band.

                     Derrick David Henderson
                                18 March 2003

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The Sally Army Band

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