From my mind 
  Derrick David Henderson

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Remember those long hot summer days
When we were young on our school holidays
All was wonderful all was great
Lie ins, in the morning not getting up ‘till late
Playing outside until way after ten
Looking forward to the next day to do it all again

Six whole weeks that feeling was grand
In all that time a pen nor schoolbook was in my hand
Life was an adventure life was great
When you left behind that school gate

We would go down to the beach Up to the river
Or just laze the days away in the park
Climb some trees, make some camps, catapults,
Peashooters and flights run riot any thing for a lark

Holidays abroad what were they?
Out in the fields we would walk
Out in the country we would disappear all day
Nothing to eat nothing to drink
In our young minds we would never think
A rumbling belly would always tell me
And the strange thing is I always got home in time for tea

Out on our bikes up to Morwick Mill and the river
Every kid in the north end would go
This was my favourite place how I loved it so
Happy days spent with all of our friends
The days lasted for ever we thought they would never end

Now I sit here and remember as clear as day
For those young happy memories will never fade away
So turn back the clock and let me go back in time
And give me back what used to be mine

© Derrick David Henderson
August 2003  


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