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forgive me God

If there's one thing I lack, it's my time with God. I think the communication time goes up and down. So God, here's one for you..

Once again, stumbling to find her seat.
To think.. about her life, dreams and goals.
Lost souls, she wish she could help.
But how, when she can't even help her own self?
Folds her hands so she may pray,
For the day, like Job. Or perhaps Jabez.
All the mess in life. At least I have a guide.
But sometimes I can't feel it's hand in mine,
Can't find the shine in the dark day.
Forgetting to pray. Wasting the hour,
Under the rain shower.
When I could soak the 'Son',
And then run- from all doubt and fear.
No, all doubt and fear would flee from me.
If I would only seek... You God.

Forgive me.

~DaYnA e.

Wow, my poetry sucks... After this, I think I'm done posting my lame name (DaYnA e... how dorky). I'm ashamed of my pathetic work and wish I had a real life sometimes. So maybe from now on my poems could remain anonymous? I'll think about it. But is that a selfish act? Allowing poor quality poetry to be posted and the reader never knows who the dumb poems is by?.. I shall think more upon this. :)

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forgive me God