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Is Not The Poet?

I want to sit there all day with a notebook and pen and just dream about him…  I think as hard as it is to be so far from him, distance makes the times together all the more special. Maybe one day I won't have to even worry about the distance anyhow. Excuses me if I can't find all the fancy words, all I really want to say is I love him, but I can't find a way to tell you.

Is Not The Poet?

Is not the poet supposed to find
        The doorway to that deep passage inside?
Into the internal avenue that leads to the heart that now seals,
          The holding place of the wounds that now heal.
Is it not where the poet's secrets are placed?
        All the dreams and fears that don't appear on his face.
Is not all the doubt supposed to be extinct?
          And like magic begin to scribble what he thinks?
Or is it so complex that he cannot free,
          Each trapped emotion that a man can't see.
Has it gotten to the point where he makes it all ban,
          Can't share the name that was drawn in the sand.
And a heart shape around which it circularized,
          So he just stares at it and begins to cry.

~DaYnA e. 9/21/03

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Is Not The Poet?