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fragments 1994

good god, it's you he said
somebody told me you were dead
good to see again I must say
twenty years if it's a day
they tell me you produce pornographic clap
and I always thought you were such a good chap
you really do write in an extraordinary style
no, no don't just look at me with that smile
it just shouldn't be allowed
remember we're not all proud
about the process of reproduction
and when you write of coition
you make it seem like a peepshow
and decent folk don't want to know
we know what you mean and what to do
but it's all just sex and a screw is a screw
some things are better ignored
and promiscuity should be deplored
you try to make a thing of beauty
out of a natural instinctive duty
I don't understand you liberals he said
you live your lives inside your heads
you modern poets are just perves
and modern writers get on my nerves
anyway mustn't keep you regards to your wife
and he disappeared again back out of my life

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fragments 1994