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Pearl Wedding

Do you remember when we were giants
with shoulders that held up the sky
the world at our feet for the taking
and all we had to do was try

Now I'm sitting and enjoying a pint
with some old and very dear friends
and I'm seeing things a little differently
from much nearer life's other end

I never climbed any mountains
they'll not write a book of my life
just a humdrum existence
two children a mortgage a wife.

But you were there beside me
as I floundered through life's race
always there to support me
as I slipped ever nearer last place.

There've been  many times full of laughter
and not a few times I very nearly cried
and I know to the world I'm a failure
but you know how hard I tried

And I still remember when we were the giants
when we knew we could have it all
before life and reality intruded
dashing some hopes to the wall.

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Pearl Wedding