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when we went to Hull from Withernwick shopping
mother would kick up a fuss
insisting we put on clean underwear
in case we got hit by a bus

I could see the scene in the hospital
I'd be there in a bit of a state
and the nurses and doctors were talking
discussing our various fates

and the nurse would say to the doctor
you know that young lad over there
got hit by a bus while out shopping
but he'd put on his clean underwear

a bright light would flash in heaven
and St Peter would a ring bell
to ensure if I died before morning
I wouldn't be sent down to hell

and God would say to St Peter
you know it does show consideration and care
in case you're hit by a bus while out shopping
to have put on your clean underwear

mother's no longer with us
but to me she'll always be there
for her love and kindness and compassion
and her views on clean underwear

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