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I went back to the village yesterday
Id been working close by
and had time to spare
And before I realised it
I was on the old road
And suddenly was there
Driving memory soaked streets
Seeing our old cricket field
being turned into building land
Seeing meadows and gardens
where buildings now stand
passed the old school
theyre fighting to save
 Drove past the old church
Still guarding family graves
The cottage I was born in
standing at the gates
Of the churchyard.
I was going to be late
So I left the quiet streets
In the hot summer light
Whispering goodbye to the ghosts
That hovered at the edge of my sight
Escaping from my mind
To wave to me from every door
Knowing I would not willingly
Come back here any more
I'd seen nobody i knew
And none knew me
This I unplanned visit
Finally setting me free

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