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I Gave My Love My Heart And Soul

~~designed by Aina~~

There were times I had no meaning for love,
And times when I thought I was in love.
Though "I Love You" are three very powerful words,
They only begin to describe the depth of love.

When we first met on that special day years ago,
I knew I found what my heart's been longing for.
I no longer seek for the meaning of love,
For I have found respect and fallen in love.

Your special gift of making songs yet unheard,
One being "Destiny" which you sing with heart and soul.
This is one gift you gave especially for me,
For which I shall cherish till eternity.

Through God we were given each other,
To live with hope and faith for one another.
For as long as we cherish His great love,
You and I will be one, forever in love.

I dedicate this, my song, especially to you,
By giving you, My Love, My Heart and Soul.
I remain devoted to you in every which way,
On this special Wedding Anniversary Day.

With God's Blessings
No matter what happens,
Love is Eternity,
22nd September 2003