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Computer Problems

Life's Trials and Tribulations

What a week that I have been through,
The computer catching a virus or the flu;
It all started for me just a few days ago,
That the memory was getting really slow;
Then a bunch of windows popping up,
I just could not even get them to stop;
So I checked my task manager to see why,
And found a strange file to make it go awry;
It must have come in with a bug or email,
The computer was still slower than a snail;
Still the windows wanted to pop right out,
This bug has me bugged without a doubt;
I started backing up all my files with care,
Promised myself to delete all my file share;
For I didn't want this to ever happen again,
Reformatting the hard drive can be a pain;
Now all programs loaded and working great,
Except for some files that the bug had ate;
If God was testing me with this tribulation,
Thank you for keeping up my inspiration.

Richard Newton Sherrer

Copyright 2003 Richard Newton Sherrer

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