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The Heavens will open ... angels will descend,
Baring the records of every Human and Jinn.
A book in which not an act hidden will remain hidden.
Unabridged, comprehensively complete containing
the halalas well as the forbidden.
Those who receive their record in their right hand
will rejoice for what they have been given. They
will dwell in The Garden having become the forgiven.
Those who receive their records from behind their
backs will regret what they have been given ... because
the fire is where they will be living.
May The Most Merciful of those who show Mercy guide us to
the straight path. The path of the Prophets,
their True Companions, The Martyrs and the Righteous
from among the ummah of Muhammad (SAWS).

Habib Abu Lateef


1.halal: Definition ... lawful.
2.haraam: Definition ... forbidden.


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