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The souls are placed into reconstructed bodies
As they stand in formation with anticipation of
Being re-united with the nations to whom they belonged.
Like troops these souls will assemble in groups.
They will have arisen with precision to execute the
Decision having been made in their regards.
Willingly or unwillingly ,they will indeed proceed to
Duty stations wherein they will permanently be assigned.
Then, Heaven as a reward for their good deeds
Or Hell as a punishment for their crimes.
All Souls will stand at attention upon
His (Allah) mention, then follow His command.
All will be standing in ranks behind the men
That they did follow back in that former time.
Husband will be separated from wife. Mother
Will be separated from child. Brother will be
Separated from brother, as the groups of pious
And sinner are separated one from the other.
Each soul will fall into formation behind it's
National leader. the nation of Nuh, the nation
Of Musa, the nation of Isa, the nation
Of Ibraheem, and the nation of Muhammad (SAWS)
The greatest Prophet this World has ever seen.
O, my people, pick your leaders well! Do not follow
The ungodly because they can only lead you to hell.
Follow the way of the Prophets not the shaykhs,
presidents or kings.
For, in the Sight of your Lord,
That would be a most

Habib Abu Lateef

Copyright ©2003 H Khalil Abd Al Haqq

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