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A Feather In The Wind

Walking slowly down this old dirt path
I see a feather as its floating past
Its so symbolic, maybe just to me
A thought of dreams that soon may be

Unhindered its flight, as it drifts away
Like the thousands of wishes of yesterday
Set free to find a solace, a home
The winds take it to places not known

It may soon find a pleasurable place
It may disappear without leaving a trace
Like my dreams, precious things on the wind
Dreams of love, many dreams of him

Knowing not which path they may take
Some lead to happiness, some to heartache
Life is a mystery which plays day by day
Like this feather, my dreams blow away

Sending a message to all they may pass
Hoping inside they do find you at last
A precious feather blowing on the wind
God speed this feather to be seen by him


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A Feather In The Wind