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A Gypsy playground

Wandering through the woods I found
A beautiful dance on a gypsy playground
Luring me closer to take a chance
Come sing of love and enjoy this dance

Watching in wonder as the flames grow higher
Singing this praise to love like a choir
Lost in the seductive powers that be
Sending my prayers to all who believe

Swirling so wildly, lost in a tune so sleek
I close my eyes and allow my heart to speak
Entranced by the moon as she spins her tale
Shadows in the trees, as love does prevail

Feeling the wind like a whisper in my hair
Out of control, dancing again without care
The morning sun, through the clouds may peek
Remembering this tantalizing dance so sweet

Awaking once more to the days early light
Holding on to the visions, dreams of the night
Walking these woods, was love what I found?
Or was it innocence lost on a gypsy playground


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A Gypsy playground