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My heart is pounding out of my chest
I'm stuck in a world without tenderness
Pain is such a bitter little pill
As I'm held here caged beyond my will

But one day even you will see
I'll break the chains and run free
You thought my spirit had been broken
In the game of life you've just lost your token

Steely stares dance on masked faces
Love is gone....nothing left but traces
Your blank expressions will soon be enraged
You see a heart can never be caged!

You might bind me body and soul
As you clutch now to the reigns of slipping control
Your living the lie that to your ears rings true
But watch me closely and see what I can do

I'll kick the door down or go through a wall
I'll break the foundation and laugh as it falls
For all I want is to at last be free
You want me caged......come and try to catch me



Sig By Kat

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