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Workings of the poetic mind......

I sit and ponder....hoping for revelation
I long for the days of a newcoming sensation.
I gaze to the stars and forsee their tale
I cast my dreamship free to sail.

I ponder my destiny and question again
I can't help but forsee the end.
In my life have I touched anyone but me?
Shall I fade to the darkness.....existing in memory

Seasons have passed over me 30 times thus far
I wonder if my fate shall be as one with this star
A star shines brightly but it too shall fade
It keeps its pace in the sky til its called away

Will I fall as well.....never leaving a mark?
Will I fade out in glory......just a flash in the dark?
Have I some potion that keeps me unseen?
Invisible to all.....all except me.....

A soul who's song falls silent on the sharpest of ear
Just once would I like to break the barrier....beg you to hear
A faceless beauty.....a shadow chained to walk this soil
It is me......flesh and blood.....existing solely through the turmoil
Why am I cast out......am I not someone too?
Or is it just that I am invisible to you?


~CessieLynn Sigs~

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Workings of the poetic mind......