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Sweet Seduction

This love pales the greater sun
In angelic wings two hearts made one
Careless whispers drift in the air
Souls lost in twilight with secrets to share

A caress to taunt the days gentle wind
A passion that burns from fires within
Darkness made light at love's first sigh
Caught now forever in each others eyes

Bodies intertwine to mock the distance
A lover's needful plea for no resistance
Two heartbeats sound out a lulling tune
Eyes reflecting the shadows of the moon

A spiraling release of inhabitions let go
Your temptations beckon me, I love it so
Grasping this fleeting moment once more
Trembling touches to surpass all before

A cascade of serene pleasure washes my face
Helpless within you, I cling to your embrace
As the moment passes from heaven I fall
Waiting once more for your lover's call


The Seduction


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Sweet Seduction