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This Meadow Of Mine

On this blanket, amongst fields of green
Their lengths sorround me, pleasure serene
A gentle wind to provoke their dance
A mesmerizing moment, lost in a trance

It is late, darkest night has fallen
The man in the moon has heard his calling
Stars dance playfully up in the sky
First one, now another, twinkling in my eye

A shooting star, merely a flash of light
So fast its gone, fading off on flight
I breathe a sigh, set to gaze away
They remind me of your smile, in a way

Making a wish, it might someday come true
In my meadow of mine, in wait for you
Smelling the perfume of the flowers now
I close my eyes, my senses reach out

Happiness found in this meadow of mine
A place I come to lose track of time
Reality soon will come break this spell
It's a time I dread, but it's all well

I pick a wildflower and go on my way
Sandals in hand, A dream lingers to say
If your love ever truly needs to be free
You know in this meadow, you can come to me


Moonlit Garden

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This Meadow Of Mine