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 Western Sun Rise
In the middle of the mornings bright sunlight,
there will apppear
a spectacular sight. A triple eclipse of the
sun and the moon,
causing all witnesses to fall into a swoon. It will
appear to
be midnight when in reality it is still high noon.
knowledge will have lost it's way. Ignorance, immorality
and social decay will rule the day.
Man will lay man.
Woman with woman. A man will lay with his daughter.
Priestly pedophiles will lay with young boys
while issuing in The New World Order.
Then out of the haze and fog will appear
Gog and Magog and the Sun will cease to rise from the East.
As these beast are released,
they will blood suck and feast, upon
the weak ... as the Sun rises from the West.
And finally, at last ...
Israfil ... Sounds The Trumpet Blast!

Abu Lateef

Copyright 2003 Habib Khalil Abd Al Haqq

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