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My Special Place

My special place so hidden and unseen
The place I go to live out a dream
Far away from the busy trying world
Sometimes it gets to much for this girl

I close my eyes, I hear the gentle stream
Sitting on a rock, wish you were beside me
Its a forgotten place but I know it well
It holds my secrets but will never tell

I drop paper in the water, to set it free
My words how they echo what you mean to me
The water flows taking with it a dream
Maybe someone will find it and make it be

My special place with dancing memories
If you need me, there I will be
Giving breath to the words....
I speak with my heart
Will the water embrace them ...
Or tear them apart?

So look for me in this sweet place
How I long to see your face
And you too could bring life to a dream
Here in the silence and an ebbing stream


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My Special Place