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TO our American and Canadion friends, we could not get pumpkins to make a lantern back then in the uk so we used turnips.

I hunted high I hunted low
Looking for the biggest turnip that did grow
It's happened again it's too late as I looked over the farmer's gate
For in my mind the biggest and the best I wanted to find

But the search was a search that was in vain
The biggest were gone and the little ones remained
Though my heart was filled with deep dismay
I cut one off and carried it away.

Now I was armed with knife and spoon
To dig and scoop I could not wait it could not be too soon
These turnips were as hard as rock
They must have come from a hardy crop.

The spoon did bend the knife did break
Would I get it finished for goodness sake?
I worked and toiled through out the day
Time was getting short no time to run and play.

Bits of turnip and skin lay at my feet
I'm afraid to admit most of it I did eat
Cut out some slanted eyes, nose and fearsome jaggy grin
Add a candle and a piece of string
Yes I'm pleased with it a very spooky looking thing

So come out you ghoul's, ghost's, witches and walking dead
As I strike a match and light the candle in my turnip lantern head
His jaggy grin flickered through out the Halloween night
Until the candle burned out he lasted to my delight

A little word of warning when you dig and scoop
Don't eat raw turnip for it gives you a sore belly
and makes you poop.

19 10 2003

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