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Winter Depression

I see you little Robin...
With your feathers softly pressed
You look so frail and beautiful
With a badge of red upon your breast
I will miss the way you dance on the wind
As you sing your song
But I know you must take your leave
For the winter days are long

I look out to you..an old oak tree
Splashes of green upon your bough
They're just greens of a distant memory
For your branches lie barren now
Why now do your aged arms..
Hang so tired and low?
I know the answer my time worn friend
To you a gift winter did bestow

So I shall sit and wait in sorrow
Until the first sign of Springs breath
For how can I find a reason to smile..
When it seems the world is lain to rest
Winter depression holding me
So tightly once again
And I shall accept it gracefully
Until the sun grants winters end



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Winter Depression