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The Riverbank

I walked down to the riverbank
I had some thoughts to cast away
That rolling water whispered to me...
"What are these dreams you let go today"?

I said this one is for love and kindness
I shall give it now to you
I will toss it into your surging depth
Do what you need to do

This one is for hope and laughter
Things I used to feel inside
So take this one as well dear blue
It's just a part of me that's died

As the river took these dreams away...
I sat upon the bank and cried
I wiped the tears that were falling down
Then something caught my eye

I heard a voice that clearly said
"Little one I give these back to you"
"You know with him you are meant to be"
"Now do what YOU need to do"




~A Ponygirl Design~


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The Riverbank