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The Fiery Gates of Hell

Out of a copper sky rose the sun so high.
The waters lay dead… that no one could deny.  
The bleached and torn sails wavered not.
Dead in the water,
hundreds of miles from land…
was my lot.

I pushed, I pulled, I strained with oars of wood.
No where did I go...not fast, nor slow,
drifting as only I could.

There it was everywhere…
but not a drop to drink.
Days came and days went,
hunger and thirst
made me wish I could just sink.

Death hovered all about.
Time was slowly running out.

As I awoke from a slumbering sleep,dark
clouds began to form in the copper sky.
The sail slightly fluttered to the
murmur of a breeze blowing by.

Flashes of lightning and thunder rolled.
The tiny craft began to move as the sails
filled with a gust of wind so bold.

Faster and faster I sailed…
through smoke, fire and the chocking
smell of brimstone.
The heavy waters boiled and
produced a sulfur foam.
The heat was more than I could bear.
I began to pull out my graying hair.

I then realized that I had
sailed through the fiery
gates of hell.
As you may have guessed…
there is no more of this
horrid tale to tell.

The Fiery Gates of Hell



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