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Nathan Lee

This poem was written for my son who arrived two weeks early, and although his Daddy died six months later, I just wanted him to know that he was there at this time and was so proud of him.

Nathan Lee- Born 25th Feb 2003

We're really very excited now,
Your roughly four weeks away,
Until you pass through into this world,
We've been longing for this day.

We want to see what you look like,
Our little boy,
We want to feel the light you bring with you,
The tears and the joy.

I'm feeling you inside me,
And magical it is too,
Daddy hears your heart beat,
We can't believe it's true.

Everything is ready,
Your bedroom all alight,
But still there's something missing,
You still lie with us at night.

We're praying you arrive safely,
Into our loving arms,
We want you and we need you,
To overwhelm us with your charms.

Your about to begin lifes journey,
But do not yet have a clue,
About anything you shall encounter,
But just know we'll always be with you.

We'll share your laughter,
Pain and tears,
And take your steps before you,
For all of your years.

We love you baby,
And that feeling shall never flee,
As Mummy and Daddy sit here waiting,
For our first child, Nathan Lee.


Tara Bennett

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Nathan Lee



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