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I am in love with the female body
Thank the lord there is no norm
From skinny bird to cuddly mum
I adore its every form

Heaven's a table in a street café
To drink my coffee all the day
Free to sit and sup and watch
                         As they walk by
Hear whispered susurration
Of nylon to nylon clad thighs
Swaying hips
             Inviting lips
                           Gentle sighs
And knowing looks from smiling eyes

If there ever was a god
I'm so very very glad
Before he took his rest
He unveiled his greatest triumph
The wondrous
            Female breast
Who said pleasure wasn't free
With women a plenty for men to see
And I'll be here at my pavement table
For as long as I am able
An honest lecher
In my world of the senses
Oh life is good when the coffee's strong
And summer days are warm and long

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