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ballad of the double glazing canvasser

hello mr prospect
I'm one of those you love to hate
as me and my companions
come trawling your estate
I'm from the double glazing
and I knock knock at your door
asking for your precious time
just thirty seconds no more
to tell about my offers
all there for you to buy
no I'm not selling anything
as I look you in the eye
just the opportunity
to arrange for you a price
to be delivered in your house
now doesn't that sound nice
and our offers are so good
you know you'll kick your self
if you stick them in a drawer
or just put them on a shelf
they're only valid for a year
so you should surely buy
you know you'd see the sense
if you would only  try
well thank you for your time
I'll go and try once more
there's got to be a buyer
behind one bloody door
maybe next time I'll get you
maybe then I'll wear you down
when we come back a' knocking
in this part of town

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ballad of the double glazing canvasser