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 NUMBER ONE  ( Rhyme)  - Humorous


~Number One~
(a humorous poem:)

I'm the most handsome Chap
The most wonderful fellow here in town
I'm just a gift from God...
To each and every woman all around

Women just swarm around me
Like paper to super-glue
Like bees to honeycombs,
Yeah! women, just can't get enough  of me

And when I go to clubs
To have me a super, old good time,
Women just lined up and wait their turn,
With me just to dance

They fight for me like dogs and cats,
And they step on every table and chair on sight
They stand upon their heads, and do all sort of silly tricks
To have a better view of just me

They throw themselves upon me
Sometimes they make me run so really scared
They rip off my shirt and all my pants
And also they go  for my underwear

Women go completely wild...
When they see me in my Adam's glorious suit
And see me shaking all my very firmed, and sexy bootie
As they grab and squeeze all my visible and non-visible parts

I'm having such a ball, such a great success
My black book is running out of space
Women everywhere want my cell and phone numbers
They write theirs, also, all over my private places

I'm so famous,I am so wanted,I just feel like a MOVIE STAR
I am numbered one,they always follow me in real hordes,
But well that's the price I have to pay for being so very HOT
Even when they grab me in places that really hurts.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000

~Authors notes:

I wrote this funny one, just for the laugh! Hope you enjoy it too,
just like it was for me  to write it ...LOL...(<:

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